sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011

I AM THE WIND, Jon Fosse

I AM THE WIND, Jon Fosse
English text : Simon Stephens,
Patrice Chéreau, Thierry Thieû Niang

The wind was threatening and it rose suddenly. There are two of them on a brittle boat: an excursion at sea, a stop in a creek, a glass of schnapps, and a little food. And so one of them decides to push further on towards the high seas. And here we are, on the high seas _ if only this: to symbolize on a theater stage, the journey, the trip, the islands offshore, the fog and the ocean, calm and soon threatening. To symbolize in a same move the crossing of the channel and the depression’s shadow kept at a distance and that forcefully strikes back; brotherhood, love? It slowly becomes unbearable, something that carries such little weight, until the final accident which will bring calm and peace and lightness, finally.

A journey inside two intertwined lives, an odyssey, a paradoxical path towards appeasement.

Patrice Chéreau

Intérpretes Tom Brooke, Jack Laskey
Cenário Richard Peduzzi
Figurinos Caroline de Vivaise
Desenho de luz Dominique Bruguière
Música Éric Neveux

Teatro Municipal de Almada, 17 e 18 de Julho
Festival de Almada

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