quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

The Tangible, tg STAN

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companhia: tg STAN
Teatro Maria Matos, 8 a 11 de Dezembro de 2010
TOL - Espectáculo sensível ao toque
IP - Carta de amor ao berço da civilização

Teatro e dança, muito especial...

The starting point of the tangible is, on the one hand, the Fertile Crescent * with Palestine as its epicentre, and on the other hand the people who create this performance and their various realities.
"The next day I accompanied him to the ruin.  There were several epicentres where everything had been reduced to dust, surrounded by tiny fragments.  Except for pipes and wires no recognisable objects remained.  Everything which had been assembled during a lifetime had gone without trace, had lost its name.  An amnesia not of the mind but of the tangible."
(a quote from the book From A to X by John Berger)

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